Alternative Debt Resolution Strategies

In addition to filing both business and personal Bankruptcies as a Debt Relief Agency, we also assist clients with non-Bankruptcy debt resolution solutions. This is for the people that don’t want to file a Bankruptcy or the people that a Bankruptcy just doesn’t make sense for.

These strategies can vary widely based on the situation. They can include:

  • negotiating reduced settlements
  • negotiating payment arrangements
  • tax withholding adjustments interrelated with detailed budget planning

It’s very client specific. Some people just need some time, guidance and a good game-plan and they are good to go, whereas others may seek more active, ongoing assistance. For some, their preferred course is a very specific monthly budget including directed and strategized debt payments to most quickly and efficiently resolve the debts.

Sometimes, doing a deep dive and seeing where money is leaking in combination with some adjustments can provide an avenue for an effective debt payment strategy.

We’ve done this long enough to recognize that Bankruptcy is not the solution for everyone, even if they have a wholly workable case. We’ve helped so many people with creditors over the years in the non-Bankruptcy context that we decided it was time to more actively share that we provide this service.

We provide a free hour long consultation at which we will explore all Bankruptcy options as well as the alternatives. The goal is for you to walk out the door with a lot less stress and the ability to make an informed decision on the best course of action to resolve your debts.